Saturday, July 18, 2009

Savannah B-day celebration - FAIL

Ok so thanks J. Mo for the Pass/Fail dialogue idea that I stole from you (as did Sylvan... hehe).

Impromptu b-day celebration last night... definite fail. Because of me! Here's what happened:

My friend Christina had been talking about going to Jalepenos all week long... I'm a big fan of Jalepenos (and Christina) so we set last night as the night to go, and were hoping to get some people to come along. I didn't have the boy, so it was a definite 'adult' night, no doubt. And, I decided, I just got my official "RN" standing, plus a week from last night is my birthday, of which I won't be in Savannah for, so may as well celebrate here! Anyway, at like 3 p.m. I got home from dropping him off with his dad... decided to go catch some sun for a little bit instead of catching a nap like I had planned. BIG mistake! Ended up drinking a Heineken that Jonas, a neighbor, offered me... this lone beer is what I'm attributing the failure of the evening to. Stayed out at the pool until 6ish... came in, got ready... pretty new dress, hair did, yada yada. The plan for who was going (I'm a retard for doing this....):

Me (yay, birthday girl)
Nick - RN from Peds ICU where I used to work
Kiwi - RN I just graduated with
Sami - ACT who works in the ED with me
Jonas - neighbor who issued me the Heineken
Tim - !??! dude who was at pool last couple days who I couldn't be mean enough to not even mention anything about going to Jalepenos and who apparently thinks he has a chance with me when he does NOT, and I can't be a b*#&^, so that's my own fault. And awkward?! Uh, yeah.
Lisa - RN from TICU who's become my best bud lately
Patrick - aka "Tattoo Boy" who Lisa has been talkin' to

Ok, so diverse group. And in all of the above, I was the connector, besides Christina and Nick who know each other from work. So everybody was just kinda pleasantly talking to everyone and I was kinda in my own little world. Lisa and Patrick didn't end up going - they went to another place... I was supposed to meet up with them, but the night, obviously, did not go as planned.

I meet Kiwi in the parking lot and then walk inside - Nick and Christina are at the bar, waiting on a table. I see Sean, my friendly Mexican (not quite) bartender, and promptly ask for chips, salsa, a margarita and whatever Kiwi is drinking (Mich Ultra... don't know why I thought this was cute, but an Asian drinking Mich Ultra is just cute to me.... thought she'd drink something more tropical... or something). Sean says to give him a hug first and then he'll get me food and drinks. I do. Sean makes strong drink for me, probably not a good idea. Tim (!?!?!) gets there, orders drink, tries to talk to me. I regret even mentioning Jalepenos casually at pool to him. I turn to Christina, say 'WTF why can't I be a b*%^&' and she says 'Girl, you just need to be.' Note to self: Listen to Christina.

Sami then shows up... table is ready. We sit, we ponder over menus... I think at this point is when Sean's strong drink, and the beer from earlier rendevous in my stomach. Holy crap. I said I didn't want to eat anything. Someone insists I do. Chicken quesadilla? Sure, I'll take that. Jonas shows up. Somehow he sits next to me and poor Kiwi is down at the end by herself.

Food comes, 2nd margarita comes... 3 bites into food and 2 sips into margarita, I do not feel well. I go in bathroom and commence puking. I feel better once I puke, but needless to say I do not want to eat NOR drink anything else. Kiwi and Christina were in bathroom with me, bless them. I had planned to either go downtown or to meet up with Lisa and Patrick... neither of which happened. It was all I could do to get home and crawl in bed.... my bed, mind you that I had not made up - at ALL, had washed everything during the daytime so I laid down on a mattress, no covers, nothin'!

I said good byes to everyone and Nick makes sure that I make it home ok. He and Christina go out downtown (I think?) and everybody else goes home.

Very random, awkward evening. Feels like it lasted 2 seconds. This must mean I'm getting old.

Whatever. NSB next week and reminding myself about my note to self from earlier. Plus, drink water. Lots of water.


  1. Hahaha... What is it with you and puking when you try (key word try) and celebrate your birthday Jenn? Water is definitely key! :)

  2. Hmmm where's my quote about heaven? Hahha LOL! I bet that's how exactly u feel when u tasted those drops of alcohol.... :D

    Your bday dinner was fun, don't make it sound so bad. Plus, it was sorta casual and unplanned! :) there's many more great times to come. Next time I'll drive you. Haha

  3. LOL Kiwi you got trapped in the corner and stuck talking to goofy weird man... ugh!

  4. Welcome to the blog world my dear! I am so excited to follow you and see what you got going on!!! :) I'm glad I was able to incorporate FAIL/SUCCESS into your life! LOL! Happy Birthday honey! When are you coming into town???