Sunday, July 19, 2009

First "official" RN day...

So my dumb behind realized that I read my schedule wrong last week, and I actually not only worked today (Sunday, ew?) but that I work tomorrow too... apparently two of the worst days to work in the emergency department. My preceptor's son was sick (or maybe she was avoiding me), so I worked with another nurse... and it ended up being a good day. Successful IV starts (except my poor nurse I worked with, who got blood flung ON her or AT her on more than one occasion because of me), and successful (I think) assessments and everything else. For the most part. Right, so yeah. Confidence, what?

I have tomorrow to get through, questionably a class Wednesday that I'm going to politely ask to get out of, and that way I can dash off on Tuesday to New Smyrna Beach. I'm so ready to leave this state that I can't even think straight. And so ready to see my mom and my friends. My FRIENDS. The ones I never should have left. Not that I don't now have friends here, but I left friends there for the wrong reasons (which ended up having a good result - aka Dalton)... but still... my heart aches for NSB and being home again.

So needless to say, I'm ready to get tomorrow OVER with, get the boy back, and then ready to leave G-A, as Zac Brown would say ;)

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