Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let the blog begin!

Naptime finished.... let's do this.... I'm half laying on my couch right now, crammed with my child (still asleep, amen), a down comforter, a blanket, 2 pillows, my laptop, Dalton's "baba" (he's 2 and a half and still calls it this), the remote, my phone, and Sampson - a little dog, not sure what kind, who I'm watching until 5 p.m. tomorrow when my friend Lisa gets back to pick him up.

The excitement in my life right now - I'm officially Jenn, RN, BSN. I get abbreviations behind my name! The sad part about this excitement - I've been in school 10 years and that's all I've got behind my name. What you're thinking - there should be an 'MD' in there somewhere, shouldn't there? Yeah. Me too. But alas, I'm finally a nurse and can administer morphine, fentanyl, haldol, ativan and a bunch of other awesome meds, plus can poke people with needles, stick tubes down their nose, up there hooha, in their throat... u get the picture.

I've only worked in the emergency department here for 2 weeks, but I've already seen some crazy stuff. This thing called HIPPA prevents me from elaborating much on anything if I want to keep my licensure, but let's just say I will have an interesting career in the ED. My goal is to transfer to the trauma ICU or pediatric ICU after I've gotten enough time and experience. My preceptor, Sarah, bless her, is patient and caring in a subsarcastic sorta way. She and I seem to have the same sense of humor... sick and twisted... ha! If I could just obtain my ability to start IVs again, I think she would be a bigger fan of me.

(Child has woken up, is now letting dog lick him in the face.... ew?)

I'm off for the next 3 days though, and I'm thrilled about it. Today, I've done nothing other than clean my apartment, entertain my child and take a nap. Tomorrow might be a bit more eventful but we'll see.

Time to take the boy swimmin'....

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