Sunday, July 19, 2009

First "official" RN day...

So my dumb behind realized that I read my schedule wrong last week, and I actually not only worked today (Sunday, ew?) but that I work tomorrow too... apparently two of the worst days to work in the emergency department. My preceptor's son was sick (or maybe she was avoiding me), so I worked with another nurse... and it ended up being a good day. Successful IV starts (except my poor nurse I worked with, who got blood flung ON her or AT her on more than one occasion because of me), and successful (I think) assessments and everything else. For the most part. Right, so yeah. Confidence, what?

I have tomorrow to get through, questionably a class Wednesday that I'm going to politely ask to get out of, and that way I can dash off on Tuesday to New Smyrna Beach. I'm so ready to leave this state that I can't even think straight. And so ready to see my mom and my friends. My FRIENDS. The ones I never should have left. Not that I don't now have friends here, but I left friends there for the wrong reasons (which ended up having a good result - aka Dalton)... but still... my heart aches for NSB and being home again.

So needless to say, I'm ready to get tomorrow OVER with, get the boy back, and then ready to leave G-A, as Zac Brown would say ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Savannah B-day celebration - FAIL

Ok so thanks J. Mo for the Pass/Fail dialogue idea that I stole from you (as did Sylvan... hehe).

Impromptu b-day celebration last night... definite fail. Because of me! Here's what happened:

My friend Christina had been talking about going to Jalepenos all week long... I'm a big fan of Jalepenos (and Christina) so we set last night as the night to go, and were hoping to get some people to come along. I didn't have the boy, so it was a definite 'adult' night, no doubt. And, I decided, I just got my official "RN" standing, plus a week from last night is my birthday, of which I won't be in Savannah for, so may as well celebrate here! Anyway, at like 3 p.m. I got home from dropping him off with his dad... decided to go catch some sun for a little bit instead of catching a nap like I had planned. BIG mistake! Ended up drinking a Heineken that Jonas, a neighbor, offered me... this lone beer is what I'm attributing the failure of the evening to. Stayed out at the pool until 6ish... came in, got ready... pretty new dress, hair did, yada yada. The plan for who was going (I'm a retard for doing this....):

Me (yay, birthday girl)
Nick - RN from Peds ICU where I used to work
Kiwi - RN I just graduated with
Sami - ACT who works in the ED with me
Jonas - neighbor who issued me the Heineken
Tim - !??! dude who was at pool last couple days who I couldn't be mean enough to not even mention anything about going to Jalepenos and who apparently thinks he has a chance with me when he does NOT, and I can't be a b*#&^, so that's my own fault. And awkward?! Uh, yeah.
Lisa - RN from TICU who's become my best bud lately
Patrick - aka "Tattoo Boy" who Lisa has been talkin' to

Ok, so diverse group. And in all of the above, I was the connector, besides Christina and Nick who know each other from work. So everybody was just kinda pleasantly talking to everyone and I was kinda in my own little world. Lisa and Patrick didn't end up going - they went to another place... I was supposed to meet up with them, but the night, obviously, did not go as planned.

I meet Kiwi in the parking lot and then walk inside - Nick and Christina are at the bar, waiting on a table. I see Sean, my friendly Mexican (not quite) bartender, and promptly ask for chips, salsa, a margarita and whatever Kiwi is drinking (Mich Ultra... don't know why I thought this was cute, but an Asian drinking Mich Ultra is just cute to me.... thought she'd drink something more tropical... or something). Sean says to give him a hug first and then he'll get me food and drinks. I do. Sean makes strong drink for me, probably not a good idea. Tim (!?!?!) gets there, orders drink, tries to talk to me. I regret even mentioning Jalepenos casually at pool to him. I turn to Christina, say 'WTF why can't I be a b*%^&' and she says 'Girl, you just need to be.' Note to self: Listen to Christina.

Sami then shows up... table is ready. We sit, we ponder over menus... I think at this point is when Sean's strong drink, and the beer from earlier rendevous in my stomach. Holy crap. I said I didn't want to eat anything. Someone insists I do. Chicken quesadilla? Sure, I'll take that. Jonas shows up. Somehow he sits next to me and poor Kiwi is down at the end by herself.

Food comes, 2nd margarita comes... 3 bites into food and 2 sips into margarita, I do not feel well. I go in bathroom and commence puking. I feel better once I puke, but needless to say I do not want to eat NOR drink anything else. Kiwi and Christina were in bathroom with me, bless them. I had planned to either go downtown or to meet up with Lisa and Patrick... neither of which happened. It was all I could do to get home and crawl in bed.... my bed, mind you that I had not made up - at ALL, had washed everything during the daytime so I laid down on a mattress, no covers, nothin'!

I said good byes to everyone and Nick makes sure that I make it home ok. He and Christina go out downtown (I think?) and everybody else goes home.

Very random, awkward evening. Feels like it lasted 2 seconds. This must mean I'm getting old.

Whatever. NSB next week and reminding myself about my note to self from earlier. Plus, drink water. Lots of water.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let the blog begin!

Naptime finished.... let's do this.... I'm half laying on my couch right now, crammed with my child (still asleep, amen), a down comforter, a blanket, 2 pillows, my laptop, Dalton's "baba" (he's 2 and a half and still calls it this), the remote, my phone, and Sampson - a little dog, not sure what kind, who I'm watching until 5 p.m. tomorrow when my friend Lisa gets back to pick him up.

The excitement in my life right now - I'm officially Jenn, RN, BSN. I get abbreviations behind my name! The sad part about this excitement - I've been in school 10 years and that's all I've got behind my name. What you're thinking - there should be an 'MD' in there somewhere, shouldn't there? Yeah. Me too. But alas, I'm finally a nurse and can administer morphine, fentanyl, haldol, ativan and a bunch of other awesome meds, plus can poke people with needles, stick tubes down their nose, up there hooha, in their throat... u get the picture.

I've only worked in the emergency department here for 2 weeks, but I've already seen some crazy stuff. This thing called HIPPA prevents me from elaborating much on anything if I want to keep my licensure, but let's just say I will have an interesting career in the ED. My goal is to transfer to the trauma ICU or pediatric ICU after I've gotten enough time and experience. My preceptor, Sarah, bless her, is patient and caring in a subsarcastic sorta way. She and I seem to have the same sense of humor... sick and twisted... ha! If I could just obtain my ability to start IVs again, I think she would be a bigger fan of me.

(Child has woken up, is now letting dog lick him in the face.... ew?)

I'm off for the next 3 days though, and I'm thrilled about it. Today, I've done nothing other than clean my apartment, entertain my child and take a nap. Tomorrow might be a bit more eventful but we'll see.

Time to take the boy swimmin'....

So here I am....

So thank you Sylvan for starting me blogging.... I wish I had the ambition to blog right now but I currently don't. I'm waiting on the little man to finally crash and nap so that I may do the same!

For those who don't know me or randomly come across this blog for whatever reason... I'm the 28 (almost) year old mother of a wild 'n crazy 2 year old little boy named Dalton. I just finished nursing school and for some reason got hired into the emergency department at the trauma center here in LOVELY (gag) Savannah, Ga. I busted my behind to get where I'm at... moved here from New Smyrna Beach, Fla., and have missed it there since... I'm making the best of my situation for now - no longer with my child's father (aka my baby daddy), and that's that....

I really will post more later on. I miss writing. But now, naptime awaits!